Thursday, June 09, 2011

The Nothing of the End

It seems like ages I blogged. Life seem busier everyday!! (Gosh, I sound old!). Honestly, I was bit busy with the semester ending and with my MBA exams among other things. 

It is strange how everyday life doesn't seem to change but when you look back it has. There are couple of major changes happening in my life and that's keeping me on my toes. Apart from that, I've not read a new book in the last two weeks, which I think is not a good sign but I have a huge list of books to buy and it is indeed my lazyassness stopping me from buying them.!

Now there's some good news as well (thank god for small things). I am watching quite a lot of sitcoms and movies and enjoying every bit of it. To name a few; 

The other not so good news is that I'm on leave till August 1st as the new semester starts only then. I know you must think it is a fantastic news but for me it is not. May be it is because I love my job and enjoy every minute of it. But I guess the vacation will give me ample time to update my neglected blog. :)

That is all is there for now. Hope to get back in gear soon.


  1. And hopefully time to grab a book .. :)

  2. that's cool... I have so many books lying unread :( have become so lazy...

  3. Ooh... Jelly beans. I like it. :)

  4. I am in bit of confusion with your post. I wish your blog to be updated regularly and at the same time I wish you to get back to your job soon, but updating your blog should not be neglected even though you are very busy. Share something... you are frank... -KK

  5. Hi, Your photo in facebook is quite beautiful but same beautiful feet are missing in photo. -KK

  6. One more thing is missed in the photo. That is nothing but (you should not mind otherwise.. Please...) a book in your hands. -KK

  7. My beautiful feet (As you call it) needs to be hidden cos they are not as beautiful as you think ;)

    And about the book. My previous profile pic had loads of books behind me.

  8. I think your feet are hidden cos they are much n much beautiful, than the rest in the photo, like Aish eyes & Katrina's lips. Let my words live. -KK


    Be Happy. -KK