Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Memory's Storms

I was going through my family's old photo albums and I came across a snap that was taken in a studio a very long time ago. The snap showed my mom looking beautiful as ever, holding my hand. I could have been four or five year old easily. What stuck me in the photo was the innocence in my eyes. Of course, it is the same eyes as I have today but not the innocence unfortunately. I have attached the pic to convince you what exactly I am talking about.

Yeah I know I look cute, adorable, sweet and innocent.!!

This was the time when I knew no grief, no jealously, no selfishness, no pain but the occasional knee or elbow scratch, no tears except by the occasional whack on the bum by mom and dad. This was the time when I thought there are people inside the TV and they can be mine forever if I break the TV.!

That was the time when I used to walk in my mom's sandals, trip over, hurt my knee but still do it again when mom's not around. It was when I used all my aunt's make up, applied her lipstick all over my face and knew not a worry in the world. 

Yes, I do know that growing up is an inevitable part of life but as it seems, losing innocence is too a part of it. If having to grow up bring us immense pain, heart breaking tears, unyielding decisions, burying emotions then I wish I had not grown up. 

But as we all know, time waits for none and at this time all I can do is think about that time and those and rejoice the moments for I know I am not going to get back that innocence.

P.S: I am not a sadist but just a girl recalling her childhood and this is not meant to be a sad post but a sweet memory down the lane.

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  1. Out of four walls, of thought, there is a big world and that is yours. Invite thoughts to be happy always. Good Luck. -KK