Saturday, August 17, 2013

21 Lessons so far...

1. Move On, Move Up
Relationships end, friendships break, jobs are lost and opportunities are missed. Move on, and more importantly, move up to bigger and better things.
2. Read Everything
Stop skimming over that article your friend posted on FB or the intriguing news story on your Twitter feed. Take the 2, 5, or even 10 minutes to read a few things a day – whether its the news, a blog, or a short story. You’ll have more to talk about, think about, and maybe even a bit of inspiration.
3. Sleep On ItAnd not just important decisions! Sometimes feelings of stress, depression, and frustration can be combated with a simple good night’s rest. This means a GOOD night’s rest – not a night of drinking wine until you pass out on the couch during a Sex and the City marathon (though sometimes we all need that too).
4. Keep A Pair of Heels and a Nice Outfit in Your CarBecause seriously, you never know.
5. Do Lunch.
Stop staying at home and only seeing your friends when you go to a party, or dinner, or a movie. Take the hour (or two) to sit with your friend, eat delicious food, and actually talk and listen about life. We get so distracted with only talking through emails or texts that we sometimes forget the value of actually looking at a person and communicating with them.
Psst- need any idea for a girl’s night? I have 50 ideas right here.
6. Indulge Yourself When You Need ItDon’t wait until your breaking point to indulge yourself. Watch some trashy reality TV, eat a pizza, whatever, and then get back to life.
7. Sometimes a Month is a Lot, Other Times Its Nothing
Time is worth what you make it worth.
8. Challenge YourselfYour parents/teachers/friends can only push you so far. If you don’t motivate yourself, you aren’t ever going to find your limits, much less break them.
9. Have Some Damn GoalsDon’t watch the days roll by and figure that your life calling will fall into your lap. Take the time to set your goals and aspirations. You don’t want to find yourself still waiting for life to come to you 5, 10 years down the road.
10.  Be ProActive About Those Damn GoalsSetting goals is a nice step – but hardly enough. Don’t just hope that you’ll become CEO of Kraft as you eat a third bowl of Mac n Cheese. Work, work, work.
11. Learn to Laugh At Yourself
Laughing at yourself doesn’t mean you don’t have respect for yourself, it means you have enough respect and confidence to know that jokes are just jokes.
12. Some People Are Just JerksIt’s not your job to change them, or show them that they’re jerks. Don’t waste your time.
13. Your Views of What’s Right & Wrong Will ChangeAnd that’s okay. Don’t restrict yourself to certain morals and ideals just because that’s the way it’s always been – if something now seems right to you, then it probably is.
14. You can’t control a lot in life, but what you can control is totally worth it.
Eat what you please, wear what you like, see the people you love, ignore those you don’t.
15. Have a Savings Account (and actual money in it)And don’t withdraw from it until you absolutely have to. Being broke blows, don’t set yourself up for it.
16. If Something Is Wrong, Say So
To your friends, your doctor, your senator, your news station, your grandmother. Apathy won’t get you anywhere, ever.
17. Write Shit DownYour memory is not as good as you think it is.
18. Learn How To Change a TireIt isn’t that hard, I promise.
19. People Remember What You Say More Than You RealizeWhether its positive or negative, choose your words carefully. They’re the most powerful weapon you have (unless you have a cross bow).
20. Throw/Attend a Theme Party
Don’t be the lazy person who didn’t get into it, either. If you think you look like a fool, then you’re doing it right.
21. Bring Chapstick EverywhereSeriously, people.

--- The Lady

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